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about us

We understand that the art of making sweets is a labour intensive task. It takes time and a lot of hard work. But even with all the labour put in there is no guarantee that the quality of sweets being produced every day in your shop will maintain the same highest quality. Any slight mistake or a bad day can add a sour end to your sweet dreams.

In Sarada Robotech, we engineer ways to minimize mishaps of food production and maximize efficiency. We believe that the standard of any service should be nothing short of brilliant.

about us

  • Best Quality Machinery

    Advanced machinery is well suited for its superior quality construction, innovative mechanism, user friendly operation, cost effective maintenance.

    • International Market

      Keeping in mind the fastest growing economy of our country we are proceeding towards exporting our machines to the different european, middle east countries.

      • Best Technology

        We strive to leverage technology in delivering products and services that not only meet our prestigious clients expectations but also add value to their businesses.

        • Best Service

          Sarada Robotech is always the best in after sales services. With our spares ready, it is just a phone call to serve our clients.

Best performance

over the years

>Under the valuable guidance of Mr. Rahul Chatterjee, we become accountable to serve the best quality machinery while nurturing a tradition of leadership. His extensive industrial expertise equips us to look for utmost client satisfaction by achieving precise manufacturing excellence.

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Abhinab Banerjee,CEO - Indian Sweets


Anurag Agarwal,Haliram Bhujiawala